geschwader 4

The Marinefliegergeschwader 4 is probably the most short-lived and little known airwing within the German armed Forces.
According to Navy planning of the year 1962 it was decided to enhance naval aviation to five airwings. MFG 4 would become a helicopter wing and was assigned the role of Anti-Submarine-Warfare and minesweeping. It should be combat ready by 1970.
The wing was to consist of two flying squadrons, equipped with 18 Sikorsky H-34 each. 1./MFG 4 would be tasked with submarine hunting, while sister squadron 2./MFG 4 was to be tasked with minesweeping duties. The island of Borkum was the proposed base for the helicopters, though MFG 4 later was stationed at the airforce airbase on the Island of Sylt.

SH-34 tugging a sled-mounted solenoid used for detonating mines
In fall 1963 MFG 5 handed over the first three H-34G helicopters to 1./MFG 4. The aircraft were refitted for mine-sweeping duties and redesignated UH-34G. These aircraft were suplemented by five SH-34J Seabats, which were specially equipped for ASW service.
1./MFG 4 was incorporated into MFG 5's technical group in 1965, which can also be seen as the beginning of the end. Limited range of the SH-34 as a subhunting asset, alongside constantly reducing naval spending, resultetd in the units disbandment, even before the date of its total commissioning. After just five years of service, MFG 4 was disestablished on 1st october 1968.
The units eight helicopters were retrofitted for SAR duties and served as SAR and transport helicopters within MFG 5 until the types retirement.

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