C.M. 170R Magister

Fouga Magister of MFG 1 (note the SA+... Tailcode)

(taken from: F-40 # 8, "Fouga C.M.170R Magister")

The C.M. 170R "Magister" was developed for the French Air force and was the world's first jet trainer aircraft to be produced in series.  The first prototype of the light attack and training aircraft took aloft at Mont-de-Marsan on 23rd july 1952. A year later the second prototype (C.M. 170R 02) was tested with a central fin instead of the v-shaped fin of prototype 01. But the v-shape was adopted for production aircraft. Another improvement over the first prototype was teh periscope to enhance view from the rear seat of the plane.

The first production aircraft finally flew on 29th february 1954. Until the end of manufacturing, a total of 916 airframes were produced. Amongst the major operators of the type were France, Israel and Germany.

Fouga Magsiter of MFG 1

(taken from: F-40 # 8, "Fouga C.M.170R Magister")

The newly formed Bundeswehr was very interested in the introduction of the C.M. 170R as a new primary jet trainer and ordered a total of 383 aircraft. This order was later reduced to 234 Magisters. 40 of these were produced in France, the remaining airplanes were manufactured in Germany by Flugzeug-Union-Süd - a consortium of Messerschmitt (fuselage) and Heinkel (wings, tail, bow). Final assembly took place in Munich (later Manching) under control of Messerschmitt.
The first pair of french produced magisters were delivered to Flugzeugfuehrerschule-A (FFS-A) on 28th may 1957 and the first example produced in Germany was handed over on 10th november 1958. All aircraft were delivered until 1963.

Magister of MFG 2

(taken from: F-40 # 8, "Fouga C.M.170R Magister")

A rarely known fact is the introduction of the Magisters into german naval service. The jet equipped airwings MFG 1 and MFG 2 received a handfull of Magisters, which were to be used as trainer and liaison aircraft (or simply station hacks). These Magsiters remained in service until 1969.

Technical data:

Wingspan           : 12,14m
Length             : 10,06m 
Height             :  2,80m
Weight empty       :  1940kg
max. Takeoff Weight:  3100kg
max. Speed         :  715 km/h at 27.000ft
Range              :  925km
Serviceceiling     :  37.000ft
Turboméca "Marboré IV"
Thrust             :   7,84kn

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