Do 28 D-2M Skyservant
A pair of Do 28 D-2 in navy colors

(taken from: Navy Brochure)

The Do 28 D-1 Skyservant was developed as a follow up for the Do 28 A-1/B-1 in the mid 1960s. It was designed as light and cheap transport aircraft with STOL capabilities, able of carrying up to 14 passengers.
The first prototype took off from Neu Aubing in 1965, with mass production starting only a year later. The german department of defence ordered a total of 125 Skyservants for the three branches, of which 20 aircraft were bound for navy service.

Light transport Do 28 D-2

(taken from: ?)

As the Marineflieger had an urgent need for a new light transport and SAR aircraft, navy demands were treated with special care and thus MFG 5 could take delivery of its last aircraft as early as 1972. The Skyservants were not only used in the originally assigned roles, but were also used to detect pollution in the North and Baltic Sea. In the first years crews could only rely on visual means to detect pollution, so in 1985 two aircraft were modified and equiped with several types of Radar, including SLAR, a Mircrowaveradiodiameter (MWR) and lowlight-television cameras.

Do-28 D-2M environmentpollution detection aircraft of MFG 5

(taken from: unknown Internet source)

Duty for these aircraft began on 15th january 1986 and they were used very effectively in the role of environment police. The fall of the iron curtain and the breakdown of the Warsaw Pact saw the german armed forces faced with budget cuts, resulting in a force downsize. Amongst the first to fall vitim to these disbandments, was the trusty Do 28 D-2 which saw and end of duty after more than 20 years of successful service. At last the oil-hunters were superseeded by the new Do 228 now in use with MFG 3 at Nordholz.

Oil hunter of MFG 5

(taken from: "Die deutschen Marineflieger", Motorbuch Verlag)

Technical data:

Wingspan           : 15,55m
Length             : 11,40m
Height             :  4,01m
Weight empty       : 2607kg
max. Takeoff Weight: 3800kg
max. Speed         : 295km/h
Range              : 1450km
Serviceceiling     : 23000ft
Lycoming IGSO-540-A1E
Thrust             : 566kW
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